After Vacation Quiz: on Monday, November 7


- ACS Yearbook Must Dos (online- web page)

- Your Curriculum:

Pages 26- 29- 31- 32- 33- 34- 35- 36- 37

- Yearbook Fundamentals:

 Chapters 4- 5

 (+ chapter 2 for executive board members + chapter 6 for photography editors)



-          A USB for yearbook to keep with you at all times.

-          A camera (higher than 3.2 Mega Pixels)

-          Adobe InDesign program installed on your computer at home: you need to familiarize yourself with the program (you get extra credit if you show me a page that you have created at home).

-          Bring to class every time:

o         Idea Book

o         Your Curriculum

o         Yearbook Fundamentals

-          Taking photos is an assignment that is graded: you must submit the photos by placing them, the following day, in a folder in your name placed on the desktop of the computer allotted to you in BD415. If you submit them late, you lose 10% for each day and you deadlines grade suffers.


Study in pairs: you are responsible for each other



After school Hours: We start in November.

Number of hours per week:

November: 3; December: 4; January => March : 5; April => June: 6