Yearbook Staff

Job Descriptions/Duties

Editorial/Executive Board: It is comprised of the Editor-in-Chief, the Managing Editor, Coverage/Copy Editor, Design/Layout Editor, Photography Editor, Computer Operations Editor, Business Manager, Archivist/Records keeper.(Joumana, Diego, Dahlia, Serene/Samantha, Catherine, Nora/Liane, Mo/Wissam, Serene/Danny G, Leen)

I- Co-Editor-in-chief:(Joumana & Diego)
II- Managing Editor:(Dahlia )
II- Coverage/Copy Editors:(Serene, Samantha, Diego)

IV- Design/Layout Editors:(CatherineMo, & Liane)

V- Photography Editors: (Nora & Liane)

VI- Business Managers: (Serene & Danny G.)

VII- Computer Operations & CD/Web Page Editors: (Mo & Wissam)

VIII- Archivist/Records keeper: (Leen)



Lead Articles Editors: (Samantha & Catherine)

Activities editors: (JJ, Wissam, & Rami)

Sports editors: (Catherine & Youssef)

Events editors: (JoumanaAR)

Advertisement editors: (WaseemLeen)

Senior editors: (Dahlia, Catherine, & JoumanaAR)

ID editors: (Karim, Danny S. & Mojo)

Modules editors:(Nathalie M & JoumanaAR)



Photographers: (Waseem, Danny S, MojoYoussefLeen, Serene, Nora, Danny G, Wissam,Rami, Catherine, Karim)

Staff Writers: (All)

Design Staff: (Dahlia, Samantha, Danny G, Catherine, Nora)

Ad Staff: (Danny S., Wissam, Michael)

Layout staff members: (Serene, RamiKarimMojo)

Artists: (Dahlia, Nathalie)

Modules Staff:(Co-Curricular Group)

CD Staff:(After School Group)


Staff Duties: By Student


Yearbook 1

1.Samantha: Board- Coverage Ed- Lead Articles Ed- Design staff

2.Joumana: Board- Ed in Chief- Events Ed- Senior Ed- Modules Ed

3. Dahlia: Board- Managing Ed- Senior Ed- Design Staff- Artist

4. Danny: Board-Business Manager- Photographer- Design Staff-

5. Nora: Board- Photography Ed- Design Staff

6. Serene: Board- Coverage Ed- Business Manager- Photographer- Layout

7.WissamBoard- Computer Operations Ed- Activities Ed- Photographer- Ad

8.YoussefSports Ed- Photographer

9.LianeBoard- Design/Lay out Ed- Photography Ed- 

10.LeenBoard- Archivist/Records keeper- Ad Ed- Photographer


Yearbook 2

1.Waseem:Ad Ed- Photographer

2.JommanaActivities Ed-

3. Diego: Co-Editor-in-Chief & Coverage Editor

4. Mohammed: ID Ed- Photographer- Layout Staff- 


6. Michael: Ad Staff

7.MohamadBoard- Computer Op Ed- Design/Layout Ed

8. Catherine: Board- Design/Layout Ed- Lead Articles Ed- Senior Ed- Sports Editor-
Photographer- Design Staff

9. Danny: ID Ed- Photographer- Ad Staff

10.RamiActivities Ed- Photographer- Layout Staff

11.KarimID Ed- Photographer- Layout Staff


All Staffers are Copy Writers!


Assignment: In your notebook, write down what your duties are (in point form) and start planning how to implement them.