Adobe InDesign Workshop

Given by Mr. Jamal Awada

November 05

Last updated on Nov. 17, 05


1- Setting up Pages including:


a)     Number pages automatically on Master Page

b)    Change the numbering of page 1 into 30

c)     Create a new color

d)    Add the color to the color swatch

e)     Create a new gradient

f)     Create a shape and change the size of its border into 30.

g)    Change the shape of its border into a decorative one

h)    Fill it with the new gradient you created


2- Working with text including:

  1. About text frames & Setting text frame properties

a)     Decide on colors

b)    Fixed column width

c)     Spacing between columns

d)    Background color

e)     Leading (120% of copy font size; ex: body font size = 10pts => leading = 12pts

  1. Adding text to frames
  2. Applying Fills and Strokes to Frames
  3. Applying Transparency
  4. Transparency Effects
  5. Editing text
  6. Finding and changing text
  7. Combining text and graphics
  8. Text Wrap


a)     Create a text box

b)    Fill text box with text (2 columns)

c)     Put a frame around the text + insert spacing all around

d)    Place a picture in the middle of the text in text wrap mode

e)     Make a frame for that picture

f)     Make a picture in the middle of the text transparent

g)    Draw a zigzag line + type a path


3- Setting Type including:


a)     Create a text, change font, font size, leading, all caps, small caps, superscript, subscript, underline, italicize…

b)    Align, indent, drop cap, change number of columns, hyphenate (or not!)

c)     Save the character style, name it, and apply it somewhere else in the paragraph

d)    Save the paragraph style, name it, and apply it to another paragraph

e)     Create outlines to the word “SCHOOL” (font size 45, bold, border color = yellow, inside color = red)

f)     Create corner effect to a picture frame size 15, color blue

g)    Clipping path: Create a text box => insert a picture with a white background => detect edges => send picture to back

h)    Save your workspace


Command + Alt + Shift => to make pictures bigger proportionally