Yearbook Staff:
Job Descriptions/Duties

While each staff member will have a title, you will often assume more than one role,
depending on the task at hand.

Editorial/Executive Board: It is comprised of the Editor-in-Chiefs, the Managing Editor, Coverage/Copy Editors, Design/Layout Editors, Photography Editors, Computer Operations Editors, Business Managers, Archivist/Records keeper.

(Joumana, Diego, Dahlia, Serene/Samantha, Catherine, Nora/Liane, Mo/Wissam, Serene/Danny G, Leen)

The function of the board is to decide, along with the adviser, on all important matters related to the yearbook.
All Editorial Board members work together by consensus to provide the publications program with editorial direction by identifying editorial content and theme. They determine criteria for the review and acceptance of articles and develop guidelines for writers and photographers .
The most important function of the Editorial Board is to ensure the highest standards of quality (WOW!) in the content of the yearbook. Since quality is a high priority for our yearbook readers, one of the duties of the board is to monitor quality by reading and assessing what will be published.
The board will help the adviser devise the syllabus for the course.
The board will, along with the adviser, coordinate the work of the co-curricular and after school yearbook classes.
The board will help devise the needed forms for the yearbook class.
The board will also be in charge of organizing bonding trips, luncheons, birthday parties, in addition to holding a ceremony at the end of the year and distributing awards to the dedicated staffers.

All the members of the Editorial/Executive Board have to give workshops to the class about the sections they are in charge of. They should also assign the preparation of mini-workshops to the staff members they are in charge of. (All these are graded)

I- Editor-in-chiefs: (Joumana Al Rashed & Diego Burgos)
The editor in chief is chosen by the adviser and, along with the adviser and the managing editor, will decide the best use of the talents of the rest of the staff. The editor in chief is responsible for working with the entire staff and for creating a plan to produce a quality yearbook ON DEADLINE. The editor-in-chief should have very good leadership qualities The editor in chief will be personally responsible for the cover, end sheets and all theme pages as well as for working with all section editors to make sure their jobs are getting done and that they are providing leadership to those working for them.  The leader is also responsible for teaching where needed, reading all copy and captions before they are placed on spreads, editing all spreads before they are sent to the printer, reading and correcting all proofs and getting them returned to the printer on deadline.  The editor is responsible for keeping the adviser informed and for asking for help to get the yearbook done well and with staff morale high.

The major qualities which the Editor-in-Chief must possess are: leadership, commitment, the ability to supervise others, the ability to work with the staff, excellent writing skills, and a strong devotion to the yearbook course. S/he should be familiar with Adobe InDesign and Adobe Photoshop.
"You have to get out and get around and persuade your staff to do stories of what people are really talking about on Saturday night."

II- Managing Editor: (Dahlia Bouri)

The managing editor, who works directly under the editor in chief, is also chosen by the adviser. S/he handles the jobs assigned by the editor in chief.  The managing editor will help with the theme pages, read all copy and proofs, help with corrections, manage deadlines, work directly with section editors and writers, teach desktop publishing as necessary and help set up design concepts for each section, including style sheets and libraries.  The managing editor may be responsible for photographers or be a liaison with the photo editor to make sure that photography requests are being handled.

The Managing Editor must have a thorough command of the "Yearbook Fundamentals," an ability to supervise students, and a devotion to detail.

Both the editor-in-chief and the managing editor will be Workshop Managers:
Columbia (editing/design), Columbia Yearbook Fundamentals, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Photography, etc.
III- Coverage/Copy Editors: (Serene, Samantha, & Diego)
The copy editor must exhibit excellent writing skills and knowledge of grammar as well as journalistic style techniques. The role of copy editor is as follows: IV- Design/Layout Editors: (Catherine, Mo, & Liane)
- designs all news and special department pages according to space allotted
- requires working knowledge of Adobe InDesign and Adobe PhotoShop
- designs cover and layout for publication, including the table of contents, interviews, and index.
- advises managing editor and section editors on layout of pages
- creates logos and graphics as needed; suggests graphics and illustrations for stories and projects
- works closely with production staff to ensure pagination is running smoothly and efficiently
- writes news, features and investigative reports as needed
- is responsible for the design of the Yearbook Logo (may assign the job to the artist or a member of the design/layout staff)

V- Photography Editors: (Nora & Liane)
The photo editor's job is not to take all of the pictures, but to sure all of the necessary photos are taken. The photo editor makes sure that all assignments are shot and on deadline and supervises printing and/or scanning of all photos.  The photo editor is responsible for teaching photographers and advising them about how to shoot various assignments.  The photo editor must keep an assignment calendar and constantly reminds others about upcoming shoots.  Being imaginative, this individual encourages enterprise shooting and shooting of unassigned happenings that would make good visuals of the year.
- experience with photography and layout preferable, but not required
- seeks photos related to each paper’s topic and citing sources in time for layout design

  • develops and posts weekly photographers' assignment sheets. The photo editor should receive requests for a photographer to cover a particular event no later than the Friday of the week preceding the event.
  • Maintains a record of staff members and the photo assignments each has completed. This must be submitted to the adviser at the end of each marking period.
  • Maintains an inventory of all photo supplies (batteries) and submits requests for purchases to the adviser in adequate time for purchases to be made.
  • creates seasonal inventory posters of all sporting events and hangs them in the room as visual reminders of athletic photo opportunities.
  • Is responsible for the care and storage of photo equipment.
  • Hires qualified photographers and darkroom technicians
  • Coordinates photo coverage with photographers and section editors for news, sports, features and special departments
  • Maintains archives for photos
  • Ensures all cropping and sizing of images meet quality standards for publication
  • Advises and works with design editor on layout of special pages and/or feature pages
  • Encourages enterprising for wild art
  • Takes photos and writes cutlines
  • Provides regular feedback, constructive comments and training for photographers
  • Evaluates and meets with photographers every other week
  • Attends all budget, planning and staff meetings
  • Contributes ideas and writing to staff editorials
  • Coordinates the coverage of important school activities.
  • Must train new photographers.
  • Finally it is often necessary to cover night-time activities such as plays and concerts so the ability to attend these photo-opportunities is essential.

  • Hence, the job entails the sucessful collection of the year's needed photos which includes the recognition of upcoming photo opportunities, scheduling of photographers for complete coverage of events, training of staffers in the use of the camera equipment.

    VI- Business Managers: (Serene & Danny G.)
    It is the successful planning and implementation of advertising for ad sales throughout the school, collection of orders and maintenance of a database for ad orders
    Ads: budget: from advertisements => to buy a digital camera, a video camera, extra pages in the yearbook, etc.)
    Writing letters to businesses, parents, and seniors.
    Community service hours.
    Managing the passes and cameras.

    VII- Computer Operations & CD/Web Page Editors: (Mo & Wissam)
    Generally acts as the technical support to the staff regarding computer equipment. Records everything the computers need to function properly and reports to adviser and Mr. Yehya Harb (Computer Engineer). Teaches/ trains, along with the design editors, other staff members to use programs necessary to yearbook production (such as Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, or Adobe Photoshop 8.0)
    Teaches/ trains other staff members to use hardware necessary to yearbook productions (such as Yearbook computers, Printer, Paper scanner, or USB devices)
    This person will need to have a grasp of all software programs and will serve as a troubleshooter for any problems that develop with the computers and the printers.  This individual will work closely with the design staff to help them create graphics for their spreads.
    + Is the main editor of Flip Album CD and the yearbook online (if we decide to publish it).

    VIII- Archivist/Records keeper: (Leen)
    Another very important person is the one who maintains our collection of photos.  This job includes cataloguing the photos so that we can find them as needed.
    It also entails the successful organization of topic folders (online) of the photo collection in a manner that makes it easy for staffers to find photos after they arrive. In addition, a personal folder must be maintained for every student and staff member in the school that maintains a collection of candid photos taken.
    Responsible for maintaining all of the files related to yearbook as well as keeping track of the pages sent to the company.
    Responsible for the Inventory of the contents of room at end of year
    Responsible for maintaining the yearbook bulletin board in the senior area
    Responsible for obtaining and maintaining a list of names for

    Prepares a master list of names SPELLED CORRECTLY in alphabetical order for the purposes of reference and indexing
    Maintains a computerized indexing system
    Collects quotes related to the THEME (interviews students / teachers/ staff...)
    Prepares final index at the end of the year for submission to publisher. Index listing includes:


    They coordinate the design and implementation of a whole section of the book. These editors are responsible for the development of every aspect of their section.  The sections are student life, organizations/clubs, sports, classes, academics and ads/community.  All editors are responsible for creating design concept, a coverage plan, sidebar and alternative copy plans.  All editors are also responsible for checking the work of those working for them to make sure quality and deadlines are adhered to.  Section editors will be responsible for putting dates work is completed in the deadline folder so that editors in chief/managing editors/adviser can see progress.  Section editors may be responsible for the indexing of their section if there is no index editor.  Section editors will work as part of the leadership team to do whatever is required to get the yearbook done on time and with the quality required.

    Lead Articles Editors: (Samantha & Catherine)
    The Lead Articles Editor supervises the review of all unsolicited manuscripts for possible publication and assigns the editing of selected articles to members of the Editorial Board. If necessary, the Lead Articles Editor will be responsible for soliciting articles from faculty. More specifically, the Lead Articles Editor: The Lead Articles Editor must have the ability to judge the quality of submitted articles to determine if the submission 1) addresses a timely issue; 2) provides a thorough and insightful coverage of that topic; 3) is written in a clear and entertaining manner. Creative pages the lead editor might be in charge of: student life, fashion at school, advice for student/teacher/school growth, diversity, new people, friendship, parents, community

    Activities editors: (JJ, Wissam, & Rami)
    (pages depicting the non-sports activities, including Art)This person coordinates a very large percentage of the yearbook. He or she must be able to train other students as they work on activity pages and must be able to step in and complete student work if they fall behind schedule. This job requires the early planning of needed topic pages, the assignment of pages to layout staffers including many to yourself, the training of new staffers, and the overseeing of their progress.

    Sports editors: (Catherine & Youssef)
    Sports editors produce a significant and popular section of the yearbook.  It is a big job to make sure:

  • collects information from each team,
  • makes sure that team and action photos are taken
  • supervises sports reporters and columnists
  • hires qualified sports reporters
  • generates and budgets story assignments for campus sports on a daily basis and weekly basis; secures coverage of breaking news sports events
  • designs sports page
  • compiles sports wire briefs and stories
  • works with managing editor and associate editor to coordinate material for special sports sections
  • encourages enterprising for sports news and features
  • takes story ideas, tips and concerns and responds quickly and efficiently
  • coordinates photo coverage with photo editor
  • requests creation of logos and graphics from design editor as needed
  • provides regular feedback, constructive comments and training for sports reporters
  • evaluates and meets with sports reporters every other week
  • meets with sports instructors regularly
  • writes sports news, features and investigative reports as needed
  • creates interesting layout designs.
  • Leads sports staff by: thinking creatively with story assignments and projects; praising and motivating frequently; criticizing gently and respectfully; guiding by example in writing and managing

  • (For these reasons it is advisable to run yearbook with multiple co-sports editors. )
    Events editors: (Joumana AR)
    (local: teacher workshops…, national: Investigations/Marathon…, international: Hurricanes…) + History of ACS

    Advertisement editors: (Waseem & Leen)
    (Senior Ads & Business Advertisements) The job requires excellent skills with InDesign and Photoshop and fine organizational skills. Works under the business manager.

    Senior editors: (Dahlia, Catherine, & Joumana AR)
    senior page (+ mail out) / prom / graduation / Senior slide show  / Senior ad mail out / also works under the business manager

    ID editors: (Karim, Danny S. & Mojo?)
    Identification staff members will write captions for photos, alphabetize all portraits for each class and faculty and compile the index.  They must understand the rules of caption writing and of English usage.

    Modules editors: (Nathalie M & Joumana AR)
    (surveys, interviews, statistics) needs to manage the co-curricular group

    All the Section Editors have to give mini-workshops (assigned by the board editors) to the class about the sections they are in charge of. They should also assign the preparation of mini-workshops to the staff members they are in charge of. (All these are graded)


    Photographers: (Waseem, Danny S, Mojo, Youssef, Leen, Serene, Nora, Danny G, Wissam, Rami, Catherine, Karim)

    Staff Writers: (All)
    These members are responsible for individual spreads each deadline.  They are responsible for interviewing, reporting, writing, rewriting, designing spreads according to design specifications, ordering photos, writing captions, getting photos cropped, getting story on spread, writing headlines and having spreads approved on deadline.

    Design Staff: (Dahlia, Samantha, Danny G, Catherine, Nora)
    Members of the design staff will be responsible for developing creative designs for each section of the book.  They need to know design rules and when it is possible to break those rules.  They also need to have a good understanding of how to use typography, color and graphics to enhance the appearance of a yearbook spread.  They will also be expected to know how to scan photographs and to enhance them by using available software programs.

    Ad Staff: (Danny S., Wissam, Michael)
    Selling advertising and designing the ads are the two main responsibilities of the advertising staff.  They will need to know how to sell the ad and how to use software programs to design the ads.

    Layout staff members: (Serene, Rami, Karim, Mojo)
    The staff who work on individual pages and take responsibility only for their assignments. In this position you will work under guidance of the activities editor, or the sports editors as well as the other section editors.
    Most staffers work on a layout for one or more pages in the ~200 page yearbook. This includes:

    All of this must be done by the agreed upon deadline.
    You will be expected to meet your assigned deadline which may mean working on your tasks outside of project time.  This can be accomplished by one or more of the following: A critical issue as a layout staffer is meeting your deadline. You will be assessed not only by your creativity and computer skills but also by your professionalism with regard to completing your project on time.

    Artists: (Dahlia, Nathalie)
    The artists will draw artwork for the book, including creating info graphics.  Artists will need to use software programs that allow them to add graphic touches to their creations.

    Modules Staff: (Co-Curricular Group)
    Members of this staff will be responsible for creating all the modules in the book (almost one per spreadsheet) and this includes: taking photos, interviewing, creating/designing the modules, conducting surveys, etc.)

    CD Staff: (After School Group)
    Members of this staff will be responsible for creating a compact disc supplement to the book.  They need to understand video cameras and equipment.  They will be responsible for burning the CD and for shooting footage for the CD.  They will also be responsible for planning the CD’s content, including a virtual tour of the campus and any sound bytes.

    All the regular Staff Members have to give mini-workshops (assigned by the section editors) to the class about what they are in charge of. (All these are graded)

    Adapted From:
    Columbia University's "Yearbook Fundamentals" pages 105-106 *****

    Staff Duties: By Student

    Yearbook 1
    1. Abi-Saab Samantha: Board- Coverage Ed- Lead Articles Ed- Design staff
    2. AlRashed Joumana: Board- Ed in Chief- Events Ed- Senior Ed- Modules Ed
    3. Bouri Dahlia: Board- Managing Ed- Senior Ed- Design Staff- Artist
    4. Gholmie Danny: Board-Business Manager- Photographer- Design Staff-
    5. Habbal Nora: Board- Photography Ed- Design Staff
    6. Hadj-Hammou Serene: Board- Coverage Ed- Business Manager- Photographer- Layout Staff
    7. Hussein Wissam: Board- Computer Operations Ed- Activities Ed- Photographer- Ad Staff
    8. Merhi Youssef: Sports Ed- Photographer
    9. Sadder Liane: Board- Design/Lay out Ed- Photography Ed- 
    10. Zeidan Leen: Board- Archivist/Records keeper- Ad Ed- Photographer
    Yearbook 2
    1. Abou Ezze Waseem: Ad Ed- Photographer
    2. Assaf Jommana: Activities Ed-
    3. Burgos Diego: Board- Ed in Chief- Coverage Ed
    4. Jammal Mohammed: ID Ed- Photographer- Layout Staff- 
    5. Khatib El Husni: -- 
    6. Khoury Michael: Ad Staff
    7. Moukhallati Mohamad: Board- Computer Op Ed- Design/Layout Ed
    8. Moutran Catherine: Board- Design/Layout Ed- Lead Articles Ed- Senior Ed- Photographer- Design Staff
    9. Salman Danny: ID Ed- Photographer- Ad Staff
    10. Yashruti Rami: Activities Ed- Photographer- Layout Staff
    11. Zouehid Karim: ID Ed- Photographer- Layout Staff
      All Staffers are Copy Writers!

    Assignment: In your note book, write down what your duties are (in point form) and start planning how to implement them.