This academic year, we would like everyone to participate in the Yearbook; we want it to reflect YOUR ideas and thoughts, SO YOUR INPUT MATTERS!

By filling out the form below, you will help us represent you better. (Please WRITE LEGIBLY)


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1. How many years have you been at ACS?

2. What did you like the MOST in last year’s yearbook?

3. What did you like the LEAST in last year’s yearbook?

4. What do you want to see in this year's yearbook that was not in previous ones?

5. What do you think would make the yearbook more interesting to read?

6. Do you think it would be better to include the Prom, Graduation, and End-of-Year Events in the yearbook or in the supplement?   Yearbook  or  Supplement   (please circle what applies)

        (Bear in mind that if they are all included in the yearbook itself, you will NOT get the yearbook by the last day of school for signatures! You will get it with your report card some time later.)

7. How strongly, on a scale of 1 to 5, do you recommend that we provide, in addition to the book, an electronic yearbook on CD that includes video clips, additional photos and articles?

       1                 2                 3                 4                 5   (strongest)

8. How strongly, on a scale of 1 to 5, do you recommend that we also publish the content of the book on a password protected web site?

       1                 2                 3                 4                 5   (strongest)

9. How strongly do you feel about attending a signing PARTY at ACS to get your yearbook?

       1                 2                 3                 4                 5   (strongest)

10.  What makes ACS unique?

11.  The best thing about growing up at ACS is:

12.  The most important parts of high or middle school are...

13.  How do you think ACS improved throughout the years?

14.  What is your favorite ACS memory?

15.  How would you describe your journey at ACS?

16.  If you are a new student, state how the spirit at ACS is compared to your previous school.

17.  What's your favorite social event of the year? Why?

18.  How can we improve our school events?

19.  Name one thing that you could change about ACS that could make it the best school ever.

20.  Name one thing that makes ACS one of the best schools.

21.  How many hours a week, on average, do you study at home/after school?

22.  What class here at ACS has been the most beneficial to you and why?

23.  List 2-3 favorite books you have read.

24.  What are your hobbies?

25.  Your favorite class is..... (explain why)

26.  Your favorite song is..... (explain why)

27.  Your favorite movie is..... Your favorite TV series is...

28.  Your favorite actor is... Your favorite actress is...

29.  Your favorite car is...

30.  Your favorite color is... Your favorite perfume is...

31.  Your favorite store (where you like to go shopping) is...


32.  Your favorite quote is...   by ...

33.  What quote fits best with the “Centennial” theme?

34.  The words that you go by are:

35.  The person who has influenced you the most is...

36.  Your best friend is... What do you have in common?

37.  What do you look for in a friend?

38.  Your dreams for your life are.....

39.  The best job a person can have is ....

40.  The most fashionable person at ACS is....

41.  The kindest person at ACS is...

42.  The most helpful and caring person at ACS is....

43.  The most courteous person at ACS is.... (the one who always greets you / is polite to you when s/he runs into you)

44.  The person we can call “The Backbone of ACS” is…

45.  Who is your role model at ACS? Why?

46. Of all the questions above, which ones would you like to see in percentages (e.g. 80% of girls at ACS like to dance)?

47.  The categories you would like to see in the best/mosts (most likely to succeed, best eyes, etc.) are...

48.  The categories you would like to see in the Top Tens (top 10 most requested dance songs, etc.) are...

49.  What theme do you suggest for our Centennial Yearbook?

50.  Would you like to have a Hall of Fame for teachers?    Yes   or    No   (please circle what applies)


51.  (SENIORS ONLY) Would you want to BUY some additional space for your Senior Ad? 

Yes or No   (please circle what applies)

52.  (SENIORS ONLY) Would you want to SHARE some additional space for your Senior Ad or to buy less space ON YOUR OWN? 

                                   Want to Share   or   Do Not want to Share   (please circle what applies)

53.  (SENIORS ONLY) Would you recommend that students younger than you also get the opportunity to BUY some additional space in the yearbook? 

Yes or No   (please circle what applies)

54.  These are a few ideas the yearbook staff came up with... Please circle the letters next to the ones you like.

People section-

a. Personality Profiles

b. Special people (people who have made a difference/ achieved a lot)

c. Stories told through 1st person (students)

d. Diversity at ACS

Event section-

a. First day of school-

b. Concerts outside of school

c. Other outside of school events that ACS students have attended


  a. Substitute teacher stories

  b. Field trips

  c. The best excuse yet!

  d. STRESS stories/article

  e. Study skills / tips for success

  f. What happens in the classroom

  g. Quotes showing students’ and teachers’ views

Student Life-

a. Focus on students, what they do both at school and at home

b. Senior page emphasizing achievement and growth/journey at ACS.

c. Life beyond the school walls.


      55. Overall impressions

Using a typical grading scale (A+ to F), what overall grade for quality and school year event coverage would you give the 2005 Yearbook?   Why did you grade it the way you did?


The Cover:    I liked it           I hated it          It was just OK    (circle one)

If you didn’t like the cover, what would you have liked (or what were you expecting) to see on the cover instead?


Do you think YOU were well-represented in last year’s yearbook? Yes or No (please circle what applies)


If not, in what way(s) can we represent you better this year? Anything special you would like us to cover about you? How can you contribute to the book?


Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts and comments.  You can view the results of this survey on the following web page:


If you come up with any additional suggestions/comments/original ideas throughout this year, you may leave them in the “Yearbook Box” located in the Front Office or email us at .

As we said before, YOUR INPUT MATTERS!                                              Last updated on September 28, 2005