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Guidelines and Expectations
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You are expected to work in teams of at least 2 in order to develop a 30-40 minute presentation to be given in class twice a year on an issue related to your major.   The team will select one theme and obtain my approval.  Each member of the team will then choose, on his/her own, a different topic within this theme and also obtain my approval.  In teams, you will have to introduce and conclude the common Theme, but each member will have his/her own introduction and conclusion related to the topic they have individually chosen.  There are, as you know well, two parts to this project: Oral and Written.  These oral/written presentations, in addition to the in-class Essays/Reading tests that will follow them, will replace your Mid-Term & Final exams.

The criteria used to grade the Oral Presentation will include:
(cf. handout "Panel Presentations: Evaluation Criteria")

In Teams:
1. Introduction of Team Members-
2. Title of THEME- Outline of the whole presentation-
3. General Purpose- Interest arousal-
4. Presentation style + Enthusiasm-
5. Introduction & Conclusion of THEME (including thesis statement + restatement of thesis)-
6. Collaboration among/transition between Team Members- Questions elicited-
7. Visual Aids used in common-
8. Timing of presentation.

1. Title of the TOPIC presented- Goal of presentation (explanation)-
2. Outline of individual presentation + Organization.
3. Introduction: Interest arousal + thesis statement.
4. Facts provided (Remember to PARAPHRASE) + sources/references
   (A statement about where information used in the presentation was obtained from)
5. Personal Analysis
6. Activities used to make sure the students have grasped the information
   provided (ex: short quiz, questionnaire, item ranking...).
7. Presentation style + Enthusiasm + Index cards.
8. Language & Mechanics.
9. Visual aids used: overhead transparencies or PowerPoint slides to visually present the major points.
   (It is suggested to use one to two more visual(s), such as handouts or posters)
10. Conclusion/brief review of all major points covered in the presentation.
11. Time for class questions.

The team must notify me a week PRIOR to their presentation regarding what equipment they need for their presentation: overhead, VCR, or PC.  If using music, the portable stereo system will have to be supplied by the team. Don't forget to provide a copy of your OWN Evaluation Form for each one of your classmates including me to get our feedback.

In addition to the Oral presentation, each Team must submit a Written Presentation that should include the following components:

1. Cover Page.(Title of THEME + Illustration, Team Name, Names of all team members,
    Name of university/faculty, Name of teacher, Subject, Class, Date)
2. Index / Table of Contents
3. Detailed Outline of overall presentation of THEME including the TOPICS
   with their subheadings.
    The outline should state when slides and activities are used during the presentation.
    It should also provide an explanation for why each activity was chosen.
4. Purpose of Theme presentation.
5. Introduction of theme.
6. Topics of individual team members- Each topic will include the following:

7. Conclusion of theme.
8. Bibliography or Sources for further information.
9. Paper copies of overhead transparencies or PowerPoint slides, handouts,
   quizzes, cartoons or anything else you would provide as a Team during the
10. Comments on a single page from all the team members regarding this
   + Signatures
   + ALL Team Worksheets: Team pledge, Team leader pledge, Team charter,
      First team progress report, Team Progress Reports, Team schedule, Team work evaluation,
      Team listening skills evaluation, Conflict negotiation rating sheet, Self-esteem test,
      Leadership self-assessment, Team leader evaluation,Team assessment.
11. Final Words/ Illustrations/ Pictures.


The Written document you submit will not be returned to you.
(Make photocopies if you need to keep a copy of it.)
Instead, you will get a sheet with your grade and my evaluation.

Format- General requirements

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