How to Publish your Own Web Page

    Instructions by Nada AbiSamra

    American Community School
    Saint-Joseph University

  1. Create htm or html files using any program (microsoft word, netscape composer, claris homepage, microsoft front page, etc.)
  2. Name your main file index.html
  3. Remember not to leave any space within a file name and to avoid capital letters. Example: This page could have been named publishwebpage.html (no space between the words, no CAPS)
  4. Put these files with all their graphics/pictures in a specific folder.
  5. Once you have created the files, you will have to find a server on the net in order to publish them.
  6. Go to
  7. Click on: Sign up
  8. Scroll down and Click on: Continue
  9. Follow the Registration steps
  10. Make sure you uncheck the “Tripod & Terra Lycos Network Offers” as they are useless.
  11.  Click on “I Agree” (Don’t forget to enter the confirmation code before that)
  12. Wait for a while till they finish processing the information.
  13. After you get the confirmation, click on “Build your homepage now”
  14. If you get a page titled “Attention Web-based e-mail account users” just scroll down and click on “To continue on to where you were going, click here.”
  15. You get to a page titled “get started here.” Click on “FILE MANAGER”
  16. Click on “Upload Via” and choose “single files (8)”
  17. Browse in your hard drive or floppy and choose the files you want to upload. Make sure that you also upload the graphics/pictures, otherwise they won’t appear on the web page.
  18. After you finish browsing, click on “Upload” at the bottom of the page.
  19. If you have more files to upload, click on "Back to upload" and browse again in order to upload the files.
  20. Congratulations, you have published your web page now.
  21. Your web page address will be (in case you want to check it out): http://(username)
  22. In order for you to upload new files, you will have to go to, log in (insert your username and password--make sure to UNCHECK "Save member name & password"), go to FILE MANAGER, then Click on “Upload Via” and choose “single files (8)” etc.
  23. PS: In case, after you have uploaded a file, you change something in it and you want to upload it again, don't forget to check "Allow Overwrite" on the Upload page.

  24. This web page address is: