"Integrating Internet Technology
in the Classroom:
Creating a Web Site"

By Nada AbiSamra

American Community School

October 31, 2003

Create your own web site in 15 minutes!

Learn how to use it in the classroom,
how to help your students create their own, use it as a portfolio, and publish their best work.


Filling out questionnaire + passing out CDs / notebooks
Why web page design is important and how we can use our class web page
Creating a web page on Tripod (+ adding own photo)
Adding web gems (date/time, trail)
Exploring a few useful links
Filling out evaluation forms
Additional/Optional at the end: Adding counter/statistics
Doing something just for the teacher to read is one thing...
Doing it for the whole world to read... is quite another!
You put yourself into it... you do your best...

The prevailing theory among teachers regarding the publishing of their students' work is that
if students know that their written work will be published, thus expanding their audience,
they will view their work as having a purpose and, as a consequence,
be motivated toward excellence (Willet-Smith, 1993).

"Providing students with the
opportunity to be published is a great motivating factor.

... Another reason to teach students to publish to the Web is because
Web page design is a skill that can be used in the workplace, and
teachers are now being held responsible for providing students with
workplace readiness skills."
Venise Grossmann
http://www.garethpatterson.com/Grossmann/Venise/article2.htm print

 Dedicated faculty are always looking for better ideas for meeting the many challenges they face in learning environments.

Useful Links

ThinkQuest is an international competition where student teams engage in
collaborative, project-based learning to create educational websites.

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http://www.enhancelearning.ca/ Enhance learning with technology

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http://www.texascollaborative.org/integratingtechlevel2.htm Technology in the Classroom self paced modules

http://www.texascollaborative.org/buildwebpage.htm  Build your own class web page

http://www.sover.net/~fcsu/tech2002/graphics.htm Tons of free graphics

http://teacherweb.com/LB/ACS/NadaAbisamra/page8.htm#graphics Free graphics, animations, ads...

http://www.publishingstudents.com/ Publishing with students: a comprehensive guide
http://www.publishingstudents.com/researchbenefits.html  Research Benefits

http://www.sover.net/~fcsu/tech2002/examples.htmExamine a few classroom web sites

Elementary Library Web Sites, Student Leadership Web Pages, Music Web Sites, Physical Education, Guidance Web Pages, Kindergarten Classroom Web Sites, ... Class Projects...

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